The Temple of Fake News Pt. 2

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When Black Lives Matter… Like A LOT.

It took the zuckermatic about a year of actual news before he got handed his first live grenade, and wow did he pull the pin then drop it as if it were hot. In 2014, the next presidential election was still worlds away and Barack “Barry O-Malone” Obama was on the throne still. Fortunately for CNN there was no shortage of news to be had since some young black kid was getting shot by the police every other weekend. While this would normally be considered a thing that happens on the reg, CNN was able to propel these stories and fuel the fire of the newly formed Black Lives Matter movement. The way they were able to do this is by lying… about mostly everything… all the time.

The first and most prominent of these lies was submitted to the viewing public after Michael Brown was shot in August 2014. The immediate conclusion that was jumped to by CNN was that Michael Brown was just a good boy who didn't do nuffin and had his hands raised to the sky. Im sure they also would have liked you to believe that Brown was on his way back from church to bring his mother a bouquet of roses. So sure were they that the police were wrong they even did this:

cnn fake news Pictured: how to show your news network is biased

As it turns out when they said, “running away with his hands in the air,” they actually meant, “Punching a cop in the face, pinning him in his car and reaching for his pistol.” Oh, and when they said, “On his way home from church,” they meant “he had just strong armed robbed a convenience store and stole cigars”. Even though CNN eventually retracted their statements and corrected the record, the pin on the BLM grenade was still out and there was no putting it back in.

CNN continued to stoke the fire of racial inequality. Sure Brown was a thug who was justifiably shot, but what about the others? Tamir Rice was only 12, but he pointed a fake gun at the cops and was shot. Its unfortunate, but it’s what police are trained to do. Philando Casitle wouldn't stop reaching for his weapon. Alton Stirling fought the police and reached for his own gun. All of these cases let CNN go on a tear, lifting up violent BLM protests and making the police out to be villains because they were just doing their jobs and didn't want to get killed.

Thanks to commentators like Don Lemon and Van Jones, most of the time it seemed like CNN was playing with a deck made entirely of race cards. President “Notorious BHO” Obama wasn’t helping matters either, further stacking the deck by propagating the idea that Black Lives Matter was just out there fighting the good fight for social justice. Jeff Zucker was all too happy to keep nomming down those M&M’s that Barry O was feeding to him in his pocket.

cnn fake news

Then in 2016 it finally happened. CNN’s, and consequently Jeff Zucker’s, grenade went off. After a protest in Dallas organized against police by BLM, five cops got assassinated in broad daylight. The worst part was CNN didn't even seem to care that much. After all they spent two years giving a platform to people like this. Hell you can still watch footage of a cop getting killed in Dallas right on CNN’s website. Barack-o-lantern even went so far as to invite the protesters to the White House afterwards. You would think that they would have learned to maybe tone it down a little bit, but by the end of the year they were right back at it, deceptively editing their segments to continue giving the more violent side of BLM a pass.

cnn fake news The face you give Don Lemon when he contributed to a bunch of bullshit.

The best of CNN’s shenanigans was yet to come however, and it would only serve to get much much worse. Join me again for Part Three: Cyka Bylat! The Meme Emperor Rises!

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