The Toxicity of Social Justice

Over the past decade there has been a rather successful push for prominence by progressive leaning groups to implement social justice. Sounds just great right, after all who doesn't want to fight for justice? I mean sure you have a bunch of blue haired baristas talking down to you every ten seconds, but at least justice is served! What if I told you though that social justice has nothing to do with justice at all, what if I told you social justice is really just a short fancy term for “how to make me feel better about myself while accomplishing nothing and alienating everyone”. So strap in boys and girls (and all the other 70+ genders) because today we're going to talk all about the cancer that's been inflicted upon the minds of America's youth.

In order to discover the true nature of social justice, one really has to look no further than the actual definition. I'll let google handle this one, “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.” Sounds pretty innocuous no? Don’t worry they even bothered to follow it up with “individuality gives way to the struggle for social justice". Seriously look it up, that's how google chose to portray using social justice in a sentence example.

Yes, release your individuality, conform and give yourself to your lord and savior in the name of equality

An interesting thing happens though when you try to wrap your head around that whole “justice in terms of distribution” thing. Just think about it, it's implying that punishment must be exacted upon those who have too much. You're not allowed to break rank and have more than others, oh no, everything must be equal. It's not about who tries the hardest, who dedicates the most time, who sacrifices the most. No, it's about the end goal. Its irrelevant how you got to where you are, the reward must be distributed equally across the board or its not fair, it's not just. Did I mention that social justice has another name? Yeah it does, it's called Cultural Marxism.


Now in practice social justice is just as effective as regular communism, which is to say that is isn’t at all. For social justice to work everyone has to be divided into groups based on their race, physical characteristics, sexual orientation, and every other individual trait you were born with. Social justice then tells you that these groups it's divided you into are constantly struggling with the other opposite groups for things like job opportunities and social privileges. Basically any group that has more privileges than the other is automatically oppressing the other groups; and every member of that group is responsible for that oppression regardless of individual feeling or opinion. Its why you get things like Anita Sarkeesian saying “EVERYTHING is racist, EVERYTHING is sexist, and EVERYTHING is homophobic” Based on this, it's a concept that's divisive just on its face.

I cannot even imagine living with this constant mindset; it must make you a real riot at parties when you cannot help but think that everyone is competing against you for everything else based on things you cannot control. Of course there's one group above all in the eyes of social justice elites that has been afforded more power and opportunity than any other. A convenient bogeyman for groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Who's that Pokémon you ask?

We're not saying all white people are bad, we're just saying everything that's bad is whiteness.

Yes after years of social justice being hammered into the minds of young people, the media and the government at large have become thoroughly infected with social justice warriors. This has led to progressive ideology being forced on the public at large. When I say forced, I do in fact mean forced. In countries outside of America free speech is being severely curtailed in the name of putting down hate speech France, Germany, Canada, the UK, and many other countries have now passed laws where saying the wrong thing in a Facebook post could land you fined or in jail.

It shows no sign of slowing down either, as not only does this absurd ideology point the finger at whitey but it also demands you cannibalize each other in the name of equality. A prime example of this is the TERF war. Don't know what that is? It's OK neither did I before writing this. A TERF is a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist, and trans people are up in arms because some feminists feel like men who want to be women are stealing their thunder. Thanks to social justice this fight has gotten pretty ugly, with death threats and “hate speech” being hurled like monkey shit at the zoo.

cnnfightWe want you to do better, just not too much better than everyone else

I feel like this has been a pretty good round about explanation of what social justice is and why it sucks. So to conclude this I'd like to play a little game I like to call “Hitler or Diet Hitler”. What I’m going to do is present you with a series of quotes, from literally Hitler or some SJWs. All I'm going to do is on some of them I'm going to alter the subject, or who the quote is about, to be that of Jews exclusively. There's a fun little chrome extension that you can do it with right here, but it doesn't always work right. I believe you're going to find how quickly the line between social justice and Nazis becomes blurred is quite alarming.

Hitler or Diet Hitler

can you spot the sjw?